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After the close of the 1970 championship season, Dr. Keith Peterson bought in to the Calypso team as a co-owner.  He and partner John Forbes ordered a brand new 280 hydroplane from legendary builder Ed Karelsen, and gave the Calypso Too (hull #C-3) a viking funeral - burned it during a party in driver Frank Schneider's back yard.  By the beginning of the 1971 season, the "New" Calypso Too (hull #C-4), with it's new red and white paint scheme, was ready to run.  Since the Calypso Too was the 280 National Points Champion the previous year, the "New" Calypso Too gained the "E-1" designation.  The boat had a low profile design with balance and fast turning ability, similar to a cabover, but with the cockpit at the rear behind the engine.  It was the sister boat to the Ed Karelsen Special, which owner Ray Bruce and driver Bruce McDonald had already had much success with the previous year.

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1971: John Forbes      
1971: Frank Schneider      
1971: Keith Peterson      

Driver Frank Schneider and the "New" Calypso Too became an instant success.  The E-1 was living up to its number, competing for high points with John Leach in the E-101 Buccaneer.  On Memorial Day weekend at Green Lake in Seattle, Frank broke the 5 mile competition 280 record averaging 79.929 MPH.  The record had been previously held by Pat Berryman in the George Babcock owned E-222 Colonel Bogey (aka, the "Little" Record-7).  However, Frank's record was broken only two weeks later by Al Curtis in the Gladiator.

1971: John Forbes      
World Record - 79.292 MPH      
May, 30 1971      
1971: Keith Peterson      

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