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Late 1950's: Bob Osburn in the first Calypso 9-E (hull #C-1)

1960: Bob Osburn in the Calypso Too (hull #C-2)

1966: Future Unlimited Champion George Henley in the Calypso Too (hull #C-2)

1967: Owner John Forbes kneels in front of his Calypso Too (hull #C-2)

1969: Frank Schneider in the E-9 Calypso Too (hull #C-3)

1969: Brian Parker in the Calypso on the beach at Lake Sammamish (hull #C-2)

Yes, that's George Henley in the far left of the picture

1971: Driver Frank Schneider stands with the E-1 "New" Calypso Too (hull #C-4)

1975: Inboard driving legend Donny Benson in the Calypso Too (hull #C-5)

1980's: John Karelsen piloting the Calypso Too (hull #C-5)

Additional photos* to be added soon.  Keep checking back...

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