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(HULL #C-2)

This 280 was the second of the Calypso hydroplanes.  It was built in 1959 by John Forbes and Bob Osburn, and ran as the Calypso Too E-9 until 1967 when it was retired.  During its 8-year run its drivers included Bob Osburn (1959 - 1961), Jim McGuire (1963), George Henley (1964 - 1966), and Frank Schneider (1966 - 1967).

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1959: Bob Osburn      
1966: George Henley      
Green Lake, Seattle, WA      
1967: Owner John Forbes      

In 1969 the hull was brought back out of retirement to be used as a "test" boat for the new 273 Plymouth engine.  It ran competitively for two years as the Calypso E-291 with Brian Parker driving.  This marked the only time that the team ran two boats.

1969 Seattle      
Auto Boat & Speed Show     
1970: Brian Parker      
Lake Osoyoos, WA      
1970: Brian Parker      
Lake Sammamish, WA      

The three pictures below were taken during a 280 race at Lake Osoyoos in 1970.  Brian in the Calypso, and Donnie Benson driving the E-92 Sundown, were trading the lead back and forth the majority of the race.  The first picture shows them side by side down the back stretch.  The second shows them coming out of the final turn towards the finish line.  The final picture shows Benson winning by a mere boat length.  Brian had won other races before and after, but he always said it was the best race he ever ran...and he came in second!

1970 Lake Osoyoos      
Calypso vs Sundown     
On the backstretch     
1970 Lake Osoyoos      
Calypso vs Sundown     
Coming out of Turn 4     
1970 Lake Osoyoos      
Calypso vs Sundown     
At the finish line     

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